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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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on teleprinters on the eastside akron the 27 -year-old wisconsin some breathing sin some breathing issues taken to akron general hospital. no word on her condition before keep an eyeonra and track this n all morning long a targeted organizations what they stole was meant to help sick kids st suzanne strafford has e
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one person one place where one personpl busting up in gaming machines and quickly stealing. they were in and out and 53 seconds.s. so fast it's like they did the property' kids fighting cancerne we've got
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c leads t or maybe a homeowner or business owner a although ironically if they had beeneen opened in the resource person
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charged but they settledfic witi the rice family. they appeared at the gazebo ove to boot tamir rice foundation created by hezbollahbo will bel taken down and moved to new zealand in chicago to tell stora city leaders have group you sluice of the origins the move. you could cause businessesroup final action. what made this morning crewew spent all day on wednesday and
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the heat and humidityple mainlyn cuyahoga and lake counties. the one orchestra is seven out in that nce halll neighborhood tonightth
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crumpton will have a closer look at the store vclo is still for. the additional load lose faster and are different forecast as we
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is this the memorial to do to keep them always does when one w thingh they said was music,
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the to very true. good morning we do weather and traffic. a lot of thunder yesterday.
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cap not kind of next were kind of filling the gaps as we look ahead to the forecastll which ii highlighting more rain let's there cedar point there were a couple of full-size right hereer quick look at our time lapse hereck we still have some rain a that the temperatures range
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more of the same most will have hit and miss thunderstorms high temps today will be aboveb 90 degrees.o while couple of leftovers storms strong winds and rain showers and thunderstorms to develo tuesday morning we really started focusing on saturday and we us the humidity is the
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i just thought increase all week we do have the right lane's
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bookshe regarding your child's health to get the meningitis vaccine for the school year. to >> reading and writing and arithmetic is always essential for success.
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her mother unaware of our highs. mandate until now. they just start of the slot 5 percent ninth amendment members say anything about the
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in our magnitude princesses also the time of thei to update yourp immunization records. we was see who's in and who's for the first preseason game
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storm fox radar produces rainfall within late county. we did have some thunder but
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lusk purge on afternoon storms may not have as much energyno to work with him are still highlighting hit and miss thunderstormsth and state trafr they him and won'ta more thanh likelya make around 90 that the coverage will be much last90 as they will flare up will only drift slowly to the east a different story on the forecast from late tomorrow into two things we watch out for as you step out the dooro this double overnight work in they have police
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hard to believe' up in green bar
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quite an event for wednesday afternoon for the indians as e lose by 7-4 count. that's a 4-3 game with them on base jos?me ramirez obliged of the sixpenny you see her job right there making a 5-u snatiol score as they were dubbed on the numbering some two more national
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there for today may assume the
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and the eagles won two straight they have three overall. w for the rebels return a three year startor going to run off ad says some r solid skills i can make some playsoli duffy's open some of the younger kids can handle the call broadcastduand as they look to e all lot of noise yesterday practice duffy speaking about the strengthoi of his rumpled scene. it's a little difference offense and defense skillsls
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the friday night touched on day two years on august august 26 at 11:00 half-hour of highhi school football coverage willghb our 20th season wee look forward to you checking that out allng out of sports time have ae great went as we send it back your way.y >> thanko you.o it is 4:29 a.m.u communication is key during an emergency they look into the disconnect between the cities 911 system in cleveland ems. in thesy plan for an inner-cityo
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